Film Theory: Wall-E's Secret Cannibalism... More Juicy Proof!


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  2. skot skot

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    bruh when they were making wall e newer studies on human calories werent done yet

  3. Bogdan Krajišnik

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    why the f do you make these stupid theries that is a fkn cartoon for children , god!

  4. Justin Hamlin

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    ... Energy to Matter converter aka a food replicator. Matt is trying to hard with this one as the ship is advanced it's not unreasonable to believe it has an energy to matter converter.

  5. Katie Fox

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    How do they get passed the first 120+ years if they originally only had 5 years food supply? Would enough people have been dying in the first 100 years? It seems like a long gap to have gone without a steady food supply.

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    Walton files Walton files Walton files Walton files Walton files Walton files

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    NoTiCe ThE SiGhNs MaTpAt I Am CoMiNg heheheheheheheh

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    Plot twist: the food is just a sloppy flavored goop, made to appear like food.

  9. Branden Diaz_Estrada

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    They can 3d print food and burn the bodys

  10. markeye

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    Their skin is smooth because they are now EVOLVED to be “human babies.”

  11. crankpatate

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    how can the humans not be elderly but get to ages like 150 years??? Please explain.

  12. Ronald dakin

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    MatPat How Long You can Survive In a Restraunt?

  13. Unfortunate Son

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    Easy. Algae. Self replicating food source that can be served in a cup, kept in a tank, and lives in distilled recycled water.

  14. Erick Hernandez

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    If they thought about a worst case scenario and couldn’t come back to earth there plan for unlimited food is cannibalism. They thought about everything else, even if the robot acted on its own it must of had a back up plan for food.

  15. Christine Diaz

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    look at this 1:32

  16. IronVader6

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    do they eat the bones?

  17. Eric Patum Pakingan

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    They removed the bone

  18. Ashamatronic How

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    Hats off the Juan Pedro Franco getting healthy and able to walk again👍👏👏👏

  19. Ni ck

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    Wonder how they get there vitamins and fight things off like scurvy if they are only eating people?

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    Human meat can be beat

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    Plot twist the guy from cloudy and the chance of meatballs was there

  22. Ashutosh Rana

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    Seeing the Ronnie aesthetic in the old vid makes me smile. Whatta great guy, PBUH and RIP.

  23. Random Lurker

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    But to be fair, one of the characters says “I didn’t know we had a pool” Wouldn’t it be possible they didn’t notice a farm either?

  24. Sibbidy

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    He did say there would need to be more plants than humans so not at all. Also they didn’t know what a single plant was so they would’ve noticed at least one during their time on the ship

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    That food looks like a humans

  26. chris the saiyan

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    My guess is 1200 Only a hundred off

  27. Arcadian Spark

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    Wait. Is WALL-E a robot? How is it cannibalism if he's a robot eating people?

  28. Austin James

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    Ok, clearly it's gonna be near-impossible to disprove this theory by going at the same perspective as Mat, so let's take this from a different point of view: Is there anything that truly confirms there isn't any plant life on the Axiom? Yes, the captain doesn't know what a plant is, but that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't plants on board. The captain barely knows the controls of the ship, so it's just as likely that he doesn't know the complete layout. Just like how cities and farms aren't located in the same areas, it's possible that the passengers are held in one area and plants in another, cultivated, cared for, and transported to the passenger area via robots. And, what's better, the cultivation area wouldn't even need to be that big, compared to the whole ship. They would only need to cultivate a select few plants, in order to account for all the necessary nutrients. Not to mention, the ships first took off in 2105, 84 years in the future from our current year, and with how quickly technology is advancing it's likely they'd've created a super food, one that provides all necessary nutrients, and even if they didn't have that in 84 years from now, they'd still have 5-10 years to create it (how long it would take for the original solid food supply to run out). Also, about the dead body issue, NASA is planning a system where they freeze the bodies of astronauts and have a robotic arm break the body apart. The Axiom likely implemented the same system, with the bits of the body then being expelled from the ship. This is a great theory and all but, after looking at the facts and possibilities, it just seems like a bit of a stretch to say wall-e is about cannibalism.

  29. Nicholas Cagle

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    What about before the start of the movie how would they survive on cannibalism if they they weren't as chubby

  30. Dash Howler

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    Okay but what about reproduction, we don’t see any hospital related places, only a part where babies in a nursery kind of place exist- so where do they come from? Is motherhood and fatherhood just nonexistent? You never see pregnant people on the ship.

  31. Arnar Þór Skúlason

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    I feel like everyone forgot about algae and fungi... Sustainable, not plants, algae grow by photosynthesis and fungi on waste, together produce all necessary nutrients required by the human body and so on. Perhaps they originally had some other rations as well but the most logical thing to do is to have a backup plan (e.g. bioreactors) Incase they had a prolonged journey.

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    my mind is just blown

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    Yay matpat destroyed another one of my favorite movies. Yo matpat i got a challenge for ya if you havent done it already DESTROY ANOTHER EPIC PIXAR MOVIE whats the dark secret behind toy story? Hmmmmmm?

  34. FreeLifeStruggles

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    I'm a bit confused. Matpat keeps saying that there's no elderly people onboard yet also states that the average lifespan of the people onboard is growing to 150 years and above. Am I missing something?

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    No its about pizza plants

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    everyone in the comment section: "we love quotes" me: what is it with robots and cannablism?

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    Just promise me you'll never get in this mindset ever again.

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    *Yes, more please...*

  39. Paul Nguyen

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    aha this is debunked of one part in his wall e is stan vid

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    Hey I'm doing a thing for school, can someone give me the link to the sources he uses for this episode.

  41. JJ M

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    Matpat is a legit and fun film critic, but not really a biblical scholar (no offense is intended). May i suggest listening to the June 7, 2021, "One Creation Story or Two", podcast of the Bible Project. Now, you don't have to believe in the authority of the bible to learn about it, in this case, understanding the biblical creation narratives in their cultural context. And who knows? It might help you with understand Pixar movies.

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  43. Oyun Tarihçisi

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    but if a weight is high, the amount of calories to be taken will also be high. at least he's the same weight and still can't walk, otherwise he gets weaker. That's about 5000 calories for a 200-kilogram person. so i think it's a calculation error

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    Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

  45. Tal0n

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    i feel like that math wasnt quite right, because these guys are clearly not eating JUST the bare minimum calories. like theyre def over eating quite a bit

  46. endoverlord423

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    i am not sure if this question has been asked but if there are no elderly people on board, how come they can live over 140 years?

  47. Loservegetable

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    if their is 220,000 people fed, what about the other 380,000

  48. gmeletrk

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    Matpat you haven't talked about the laws of diminishing returns. Mainly the fact that the human body doesn't need JUST calories to survive. Those calories need to be compiled from specific quantities of various minerals and other such nutrients. Once you, me, or any other human has ingested and used those nutrients they do not reemerge as the same usable substances...that's why we have pee and poop. They're called waste products for a reason. So even if you start with a healthy robust population, after even one generation of ouroboros like existence you wind up with a population of starving, malnourished, fatties. Your theory (which, like what most people call theories, isn't a theory at all, at best it is a hypothesis, but I get it Film Hypothesis doesn't really make for a good roll off the tongue ISboth channel name....anyway what was I saying...) goes up in flames without a supplemental supply of vitamins and nutrients. It's much more likely that the regenerative buffet is something much more like the sort of the protype replicators that were described as protein resequencers in the Star Trek series Enterprise. Now, where did the proteins come from to be resequenced? Perhaps that source of raw materials was cadavers, but then the finished product wouldn't really be people slushies anymore than a carrot that grows over someone's decomposing corpse would be considered a people carrot. The process would fundamentally change the initial substance. I can absolutely see a point to the idea that the all knowing nearly all powerful Auto would keep the people ignorant to this fact, in fact Auto would probably be keeping the people as dumb as possible to increase their dependence on the ship and its AI overlord. So it is totally believable that Auto could have designed and initiated the procedure to resequence the dead passengers and crew into a nutrient rich compound for consumption by the living, that isn't exactly the same as tossing cadavers into a BnL Blend-e and serving up cupcake flavored people smoothies. However, a glaring problem here is that presumably this technology would have had to be present at launch for Auto to make use of it, unless we assume Auto could invent new technology, which doesn't seem to be the case as the entire existence of the people of the Axiom has a just getting through this the best that we can kind of attitude. In fact it seems like the entire point of directive A113 was just to hang out and wait until a better solution presented itself (Which also brings up the question of how did Auto handle that conversations with Captain Reardon in 2110? "Alright Auto, it's day 1,825 time to go back to Earth!" "Oh that'll be fun, but Captain, I got an idea. Instead of going back to Earth, what if we just didn' ever." "Hmmm, that's kinda strange Auto, but hey why not." Also why does directive A-113 not cease sending the Eve robots to look for plant life on Earth if it directs the ship's AI to just keep the people in space indefinitely? 🤔).

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    5:00 This makes me think of that Model Citizen animation...

  50. TheAdvertisement

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    4:01 "But Matpat, couldn't they just mine the moon for cheese?"

  51. Lelouch Vi Britannia with a mustache

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    Well going by the definition of Cannibalism. Even if they're using dead people to create their regenerative buffet, the food is no longer the flesh of their own species. It's smoothies, and whatever else they eat, but it'd be clearly processed so much to become good that it no longer qualifies as human flesh

  52. T3CHN0-BAB3 Teresa

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    What about flavoring? They have a bunch of different flavors (which could be made up) but the fact that theres so many different ones concerns me. Do they take certain components of the human body and combine them into different solutions to mimic cupcakes or burgers?

  53. brazilboi 2000

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    But if there are no elder people, these guys aren't living up to 100 something years

  54. Glitch ’in

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    “human meat, can’t be beat!” matthew do you realise what you’ve just said

  55. Last Flamed

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    Film theory idea: How do the humans on the Walle spaceship breath without plants?

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    11:58 Im pretty sure people beat their meat everyday

  59. Stillhim30

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    I call bs. Just on basic math if the new people are 3.85 million calories and the original people are 125k calories each then even with 100% efficiency the 600000 starting crew would boil down to Less than 19.5k people now. There's some serious math shenanigans going on here.

  60. Silas Burns

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    What about the flavoring to make human meat not taste like human meat


    LEVI GRAGG6 dögum síðan

    My theory is that alucard from the anime hellsing is alastor who's is from Hazbin hotel father both where red both have demonic power and both are cannibalistic since they both were at once human

  62. Justin kendzior

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    I mean you need vitamin C or you get scurvy among other vitamins and minerals. Where are they getting that from?

  63. AAwilliam

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    the thing is that the first generation of people abord the axion are normal they are not overweight as we can see in the movie so it wouldn't make the mathematical sense to think of they as 2 million calories. And even if that was true the digestive system could not get all the nutriment in the food so it wouldn't be a closed loop. -sorry bad english

  64. Smart Dude

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    They were not blobs at the start even with the 5 year supply with food you can still see the frost 3 Hume s are somewhat skinny so I feel like there’s something missing

  65. Sab3rLight

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    I love how when you told me to take a guess, I said 700 pounds and then was was proven to be as average as a peanut

  66. Jack NFR

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    You said that people on the ship can get up to 200 but you also said that that’s are no old people on the ship

  67. Jack NFR

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    So passengers might only need to eat 3 corpuses instead of 9 but the axiom passengers over eat so it might be 9

  68. Joshua Musser

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    is there was enough people on board and you counted reproduction thay could survive forever right?

  69. Sylveon Umbreon

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    But, how do they reproduce?

  70. Kaeden Rowan

    Kaeden Rowan7 dögum síðan

    what about the first generation of passengers when the people dying were slim and only worth the original 125,000 calories how did they have enough food for the new gen

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  73. Flat Mars Society

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    Technically you could also consume human waste. With enough processing(mainly getting ride of germs and other things that could make you sick) human waste could be consumed. The reason for this is because human and animal aren’t able to absorb all nutrients the first time. As a result poop is nutritious. In fact many animals eat their own poop when times are tough. And in the past out houses were built over pig’s sty because pigs could get their food from our poop. Plus with basically the entire human population on board, you’re going to have a lot of it. Also there’s no evidence that any human waste is being thrown away on the ship.

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    i like it

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    u have waaaaaaay to much time my guy lol

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    Bro this leg shake is B U S S I N

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    MatPat on Film Theory: No other way other than cannibalism Me after watching Food Theory: mUsHroOmS

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    Item name: [loading ●○○○] Information: [fail to load] Item: [failed to load] Place where item found: l[oading ●●○○] Note: l[oading ●○○○]

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    Speaking of no oldies, where are the kids? How do they procreate? *DO* they procreate...?

  80. Simon Hansen

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    @Aidan Walter Really? Dang, it's been a long time...

  81. Aidan Walter

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    There are a lot of babies shown in the film.

  82. LightningNoob 4

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    Soylent green.... but its wall-e

  83. Brian Billings

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    Wouldn't their mouths become deformed over time from sucking straws. They have no real medical treatment once they return to Earth. Wouldn't eating soiled food become a major problem?

  84. meme

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    Can you start doing more Ghibli movies for film theory?

  85. crimon cluster

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    Am I the onley one who saw that there where more than just on space Ship ? So hear me out There I a war among them and this ship where Wall-e plays is the one who hide from the other ship's in hope the won't find them an rob or eat them

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    The annoyed ravioli weekly work because peen dfly beam amid a taboo city. terrific, powerful tip

  87. שר הביטחון של אורי ורד

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    The solid food at 5:40 could either be just a fake commercial of a clip from the first 5 years on the Axion when there was no food shortage. Also a tought: maybe thank's to technology the ageing process has been slowed down and that's why evreyone look so young.

  88. AAwilliam

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    yea but after 700 years they would be some old poeple. and you know that it's not because it's the same poeple from 700 years ago sense you can clearly see 5 to 6 generation of captain that live and died.

  89. Tehdank1 GD

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    Wall-E was trying to make the people cannibals, by stopping cleaning. Hmmmmm.

  90. Jordan L

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    What about stuff like lab grown meat? Maybe they use the corpses as nutrients to grow the paste. Like manure for plants?

  91. Michelle Bergener

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    this is the future they can proabley make water into food like in cloudy and a chance of meatballs just an idea please use it

  92. AAwilliam

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    you can't because in water you only have hydrogen and oxygen atom. to make food you need about half the pereodic table. but you counld tecnicly get those from asteorid and it would make sense since they are in the keiper belte.

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    Oh, we are revisiting the ship of discord mods?

  94. Aimee Despres-Smyth

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    ya know, fun fact, there is a dead body in the movie. During the scene where Wall-E falls down the trash chute, while the camera does a pan over the mounds of mechanical trash, there's a human arm sticking out of the piles. Definitely doesn't disprove the theory, as it was most definitely a passenger that probably accidentally fell in a trash chute and died on impact. Love the movie, but that details creeps me out every time

  95. AeonReign

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    I mean, it's just fact that we'd probably recycle people as fertilizer, at least.....if we needed to.

  96. Liam Owen

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    when he did he morty intro which im guessing is a parody of aspitipy i was so happy

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  98. The Grey Jedi

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    There’s one thing I’ve wondered about this film. How many people were forced to STAY on earth? How many died because BnL destroyed the planet?

  99. The world Domminator

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    Film theory you done wrong the movements of face muscles over time make wrinkles on your face if they don’t show emotions then how is there supposed to be wrinkles

  100. Deadeyebaron

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    Human meat can be beat, just ask your mom

  101. Scott Evans

    Scott Evans8 dögum síðan

    matpat, you know why there are no old people on the ship, well, no old looking people, its because they dont have wrinkles, and the way to get wrinkles is sunlight, and they have no sunlight on the ship, so that kinda blows your theory.

  102. Elzee

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    i sgib

  103. a refrigerator

    a refrigerator8 dögum síðan

    This video makes me want to eat someone rn.......

  104. Kobe's Personable World

    Kobe's Personable World8 dögum síðan

    If they have never heard of plants that doesn’t mean there aren’t any on the axiom. The autopilot knows what it is so he must have encountered a plant or controlled a farming system.

  105. Adah Ardyson

    Adah Ardyson8 dögum síðan

    You are heavily relying on the assumption that they only planned a five year journey, when the video directing the autopilot never to return suggests otherwise.

  106. Wilphred Walrus

    Wilphred Walrus8 dögum síðan

    How did the humans flavor the food? Did they use certain parts from the body and what did they do with human waste recycle it?

  107. Acrid

    Acrid8 dögum síðan

    This still doesn’t acknowledge that the people on the axiom were average build when they were first on the ship

  108. mark cole

    mark cole8 dögum síðan

    With the passengers being sedentary and only requiring 1400 calories per day. to gain the weight they clearly have they would need to be over eating. So either the ship isn't regulating how much food they can eat, which would cause food stores to run out faster. Or the computer is making sure they eat to much to fatten up the future food source. the latter seems to track with the theory.